Carless… – by Erin

The end of an Era – Long live the mighty Tundra

Howdy Folks,

I’m sitting here aboard Vela in our slip at Waterford harbor marina in Kemah, in the great state of Texas, just sort of letting that title sink in.  No, that’s not a typo, Kara and I are in-fact carless.  For the first time since either of us has been legal to drive, we don’t own a motor vehicle.  So gone are things like car insurance  (at least it will be when I finish this post and remember to call our insurance guy).  Gone too are state inspections, gas bills and road rage…of course, with that goes minor things like the ability to jump in my old Tundra for the 15 trips to Home Depot, West Marine and the hardware store, that it usually takes me to complete a simple project.

It’s kinda crazy, I’ve always had a car and never even given a second thought to how much easier it makes everyday life.  Untill now that I’m carless.  I actually loved my old Toyota Tundra.  It was by far the best vehicle I’ve ever owned and I’ll miss it’s 11 year old, 185,000 mile self.

That being said, being carless really drives home the fact that we’re doing this thing.  Vela is pretty much ready to go, still some fine tuning but this Monday (weather permitting) we’re planning to finally untie the Eff’n dock lines and get moving.  That’s right, actually use Vela for her intended purpose and get out and start doing the things we’ve been prepping and planning for, for the last 3+ years.

The last couple weeks have been an emotional roller coaster of boat projects (ah the poop tank), provisioning, stowing and re-stowing everything we own aboard Vela.  Coupled with the seemingly endless stream of logistics it takes to wrap up our affairs and put our land-life on hold and behind us for a while and start looking towards that unknown future.  So as I lay here, I’m pretty exhausted but as I take metal stock of what’s going on in our lives, I realize I’m also excited, nervous, hopeful and just plain ready to go.  Let’s do this, or, as my late and amazing grandmother used to say…lets blow this popsicle stand.  At the same time the hardest part about leaving is..well leaving.  I mean, pretty much everyone we know and love (with the exception of each other), we have to leave.  Our families, amazing friends, comfortable homes and great well paying jobs (ah paychecks…I miss those).  We have to leave them all.  Many folks say they’ll come visit us in cool places and we’re extremely hopeful that will happen, but until then…we have to get moving.

And that my friends, is an exciting, scary, crazy, terrifying and positively life changing thing.

So please hang around and follow along with us.  Because this week, the plan is to jump across the Gulf of Mexico again, but this time heading into the rising sun and spend some quality time in Florida as we work our way north up the east coast for the summer.


Our reward as we grilled dinner at the marina. Not long and the view will be changing…finally!

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  1. I know the feeling. Soon there will be no Home Depot or West Marine to go to. At least not without a lot of planning. But it really has not been a big deal to be carless. We do use our bikes a lot. But you will meet lots of people giving you advise. Just do it your way. We have met the people out here and everyone is different.

  2. So excited for you both. Can’t wait to enjoy the adventures along with you. Miss you guys already! Safe travels!!!!

  3. Nervous, envious, excited , just some of the adjectives that come to mind. An adventure many dream about and you and Kara get to live it and share in it. We will be following your journey and watching your adventures. God speed, Bon Voyage and safe sailing. The Vela and crew will be in my prayers.

    1. Thanks Kathy. We share all those feelings with you and I think that unknown piece is what makes it an adventure! Rest assured we’re careful and are starting with a very well built and we believe well prepped boat. The rest is up to us…and a little luck 😉

  4. So happy for you guys. This is something a lot of people wish they could do and never have the either the means or courage to do it. Life is about making memories and not building a collection of stuff. Hope you have a great and safe trip and look forward to hearing about your adventures!

    1. Thanks John, been a great ride so far. The days are pretty rewarding even though sometimes they’re challenging. It’s a new kind of challenge for both of us, and we’re really enjoying it.

    1. Thanks Jim, we’re in your neck of the woods now. Currently anchored off Sanibel Island but heading south and then up the East coast

  5. So fun to read this. We were where you are now about 3 years ago. We sold our car at Carmax and headed to the Chesapeake Bay for summer before setting off to the Caribbean.

    Mark and Cindy
    sv Cream Puff

    ps. We purchased our first big boat in Kemah, a 38 ft Cheoy Lee we called Water-Melon (Cindy is a native of Texas)

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